Special Testimonial: Datanetics

March 14, 2016

Dear Marcie,

From the administration at Datanetics I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work finding and connecting members together. Your invaluable ability to seek out and sign up new high quality businesses and then getting them connected is what ”Let’s Get Going” is all about.

As much as we enjoy getting referrals and hopefully landing new business through your members we also have noticed another benefit to your organization. Being connected with all these new businesses is almost like having a new list of suppliers. As an example, we were looking for a courier company to help with our urgent same day deliveries. One of your member companies specialized in this type of delivery and we started using them with great satisfaction.  Then when we had some special graphic and banner printing needs we again looked to the roster of companies we had connected with  through your organization and hired one of the members of “Let’s Get Going”.

Since you sign up Businesses in so many fields such as Accounting, Law, technology, real estate, etc. there is always the possibility of finding someone of high calibre.

Thanks again for not just helping us find new business but also in connecting us with new potential suppliers.


Peter Luks, P. Eng.


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