Services We Offer!

Let’s Get Going is known for Opening up corporate doors, setting up new appointments for you and on-site meetings with presidents.

Corporate Relationship Marketing for Your Business.. about getting to the result.

We’re a Team of Professionals who will listen to you

As we work together, we will be listening to you.  We will hear your goals and work with you to achieve them.

Who is Marcie Balaban?

Business Matchmaker / Relationship builder

for Corporations with; Presidents, Directors, and CEOs from Quebec and Ontario.

Meeting Facilitator

for 150 business ZOOMtm meetings each month.

Motivational Speaker

Published Author

Our Services


Introductions to Presidents, Directors and C Level Executives of companies.

We are always either on zoom, in person or on the telephone creating an introduction for you with decision makers of different companies.

Involved in every type of business, institution or service

We work with every type of company A-Z that is looking for new clients, new opportunities and has a relevance to small, mid-size and large corporations.We cover all of Montreal and The GTA.

  • One on One Meetings
  • Group meetings
  • Individual coaching
  • sales coaching (upon request)
  • Corporate matchmaking on Zoom®
  • Corporate Matchmaking in person
  • Small targeted events to encourage new potential business.

We cover all of Montreal and The GTA Ontario

We have members from all parts of Montreal, Laval, Southshore and have now opened up a division in The Greater Toronto area and all of Ontario.

One on One Meetings

Through our Team of Professionals that work for Let’s Get Going, they will create one on one meetings that will encourage, create and produce new opportunities for you to have individual meetings with high level executives.

Group meetings

Group meetings are daily, weekly and monthly. Marcie’s team as well as herself are always creating new groups of 4 members to 24 members a meeting depending on wo she has “matched for that meeting”. You can be sure you will be invited into “many meetings”, as Marcie’s belief is repetiton breeds trust, excellent communication and referrals. The basis of Let’s Get Going.

Individual coaching sales coaching upon request

Marcie’s background of Sales coaching allows her to educate, teach and coach you during your membership term. You can also purchase specific hours of coaching from her.

Corporate matchmaking on Zoom®

Corporate Matchmaking on zoom has become a highly efficient and results producing way for you to get new clients in Let’s Get Going. Marcie conducts 70 meetings a month continuously matching and mixing members to your benefit of creating new business. There are currently more than 125 active members.

Corporate Matchmaking in person

Corporate Matchmaking in person has been a big part of Let’s Get Going and through innovative ideas that Marcie has, she will hold carefully chosen events that will encourage the right types of company owners for you to meet.

Small targeted events to encourage new potential business.

Small targeted events are either on zoom or in person and are by invitation only.
our Pricing

Choose your Plan

We have a variety of membership packages that depend on your business size and needs

6 Month Membership

  • 20-25 Group Zoom Company Meetings with Decision Makers/Presidents or Owners of companies.
  • 5-10 One on One meetings with Decision Makers/Presidents or Owners of companies.
  • Follow up and tracking of all meetings.

12 Month Premium Membership

  • Unlimited Group Zoom meetings hosted by Marcie Balaban with other Decision Makers/Presidents or Owners of companies.
  • Unlimited One on One Zoom meetings with Decision Makers/Presidents or Owners of companies.
  • Headline Group Zoom meetings which are ALL ABOUT YOUR COMPANY. This is a highly successful format with zoom to show case and present your company to other owners of companies.
  • Extensive follow-up meetings by customer service department and tracking of your meetings.
  • 3 to 4 hours of 30 minute( as required) Sales Coaching by Marcie Balaban


18 months


Marcie Balaban, President of Let’s Get Going/sales coach, will design with you and your company a package with a combination of Zoom®, on-on-one, in-person, and coaching sessions that meets your team’s specific needs.