To All of you trying to work...

Due to Covid-19, I am working with All industries, All types of Owners and Services, bridging a gap between feeling like "they can't work" and making things happen between the business community of Montreal. We are there for you and will bring you more clients through our special platforms so... 514 952 4799

Lets Get Going...You Are Worth it!

Let's Get Going is known for; Opening up corporate doors, setting up new appointments for you and on-site meetings with presidents.

Offering high end V.I.P. sales lunches three times a year for you to meet and arrange meetings with companies you have never met, all while enjoying an amazing lunch.

A message from the president herself

Dear Achiever,

I wanted to explain to you the importance of “Corporate Matchmaking” that we are so dedicated and committed to offering the Montreal Business Community.

There is a process in building quality long term business relationships read on..

Who is Marcie Balaban?

She is a Sales Consultant and Business Matchmaker for Small–Middle-Large Companies

Marcie Balaban began her career in 1995, as a Business Motivational Speaker and Coach. In 2004, she then became the Author of “Marketing Your Greatest Asset…You!” read on..

Corporate Matchmaking – helping to increase your Bottom Line For 2018

Business Matchmaking is the co-ordinated pairing of entrepreneurs and corporations by arranging small boardroom meetings with various owners or upper management of companies that Marcie believes are good matches. Instead of blindly talking to unkown attendees at a cocktail party, our approach is to create a directed meeting between business owners and executives with a common purpose of finding trading partners and referral sources. read on..