Special Testimonial: Datanetics

March 14, 2016

Dear Marcie,

We have been with “Let’s Get Going” now for several years.  I have always told newer members that this group is like meeting an Octopus. If you introduce me to 8 people, each one of them has at least 8 business associates and those associates have 8 connections and so on.  By connecting with members of “Let’s Get Going” I am really getting access to a huge network of potentially new clients.

But let me tell you about one specific customer. I believe I met them almost immediately when I joined.  As we spoke together about our respective companies, it turned out that they did a lot of graphic design as part of their business. They relied quite heavily on their colour printers. As we were experts in supporting the type of printer hardware that they had, they were more than happy to have us take over. They were not getting a very high level of support in the past and really appreciated our more personalized service. We continue to take care of them to this day.

I believe the environment you create enables us to trust and connect more quickly with other members. This gives us a great level of confidence when referring our own network of businesses to other members.

We are in many different groups and that allows us to meet a most fascinating and diverse mix of businesses and people.

You are always exuberant and full of ever changing new ideas that you believe will help stimulate growth for all of us.

I appreciate our relationship and expect to enjoy continued success together,

Thanks for all your help Marcie!


Peter Luks, P. Eng.


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Special Testimonial: Datanetics

Special Testimonial: Datanetics

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