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Marcie Balaban explains Let’s Get Going

Our History

Let us tell you about our Journey

Life is absolutely about a continous journey. At some point you realize that we ” leave breadcrumbs” along the way so that in reflection… it all makes sense…

Here is my journey and when my ” breadcrumbs” first began..

I took up psychology and marketing at McGill University and loved it. During my 2nd year, I met the owner of Esprit de Corps and he offered me a job that I could not turn down. I left Mc Gill and went to Esprit and I really believe THAT was when my future was being shaped. We had to merchandise 500+ garments and understand how fabrics and colours worked so that buyers of retail stores would give us 70% of their budget spending for any given season… and they did! All of us that had the opportunity to work at Esprit became amazing entrepreneurs later on.  I became an artist and developed a love for marketing and self development. I then went on to do research for 2 years on motivation, psychology and marketing. On day I called my sister and told her I needed a name for my new company, and she said” ok let’s get going”. That is how the name Lets Get Going was established.

By the time I was 30 years old, I was in Toasmaster’s becoming a motivational speaker and in my spare time becoming an artist.

I started this company (Lets Get Going) in 2005 and since then I have been building the business and recruiting members. I also spend time doing motivational conferences at large conferences, events, and corporate conference rooms. I wrote and had published my first book “Marketing Your Greatest Asset: You” and followed it up by writing a handbook that was an easy read.

Soon media began noticing all the activity and publishing articles including being interviewed twice on the TV news.

All of this lead to my in depth knowledge of motivation, my definition of success, and HOW TO BRING COMPANIES TOGETHER TO BUILD ON REFERRAL SOURCES. I walk the talk as I live by the principals I teach.

This has been the Let’s Get Going story until today. Corporate Matchmaking was the natural evolution of all the areas in life that mattered to me — psychology, marketing, success and writing.

During the COVID-19 lockdowns I created a beautiful abstract painting which kept me motivated and inspired while my company, like so many others, was forced to reimagine our services. Ultimately, we evolved from 100% in-person corporate matchmaking meetings to totallly online. Today, we are “Zoom friendly” and we continue to hold about 80% of our meetings online — about 86 hours a month!

So I have left breadcrumbs along the way that fill me up today with love, creativity, a continued passion and desire for self development and success.

Meet our Fantastic Team

Marcie Balaban


President of Lets Get Going focuses on creating new groups, new members as well as she is the one that runs 70+meetings a month on zoom

info@letsgetgoing.ca 514.952.4799.

Derek Humby

Director of Operations

oversees company policies, issues and new growth.

derek_humby@msn.com 514.910.5362

Manon Beland

Customer Support

creating profiles of each member when they join as well as setting up one on one meetings either for a zoom call or in person between members

mbeland310@gmail.com 450.510.5097

Jodi Rosen

Customer Satisfaction

Tracks and reports on individual assessments and specific discussions

jodi.lgg@gmail.com 514.686.9120

Shirel Amzallag

Customer Support

Tracks and reports on attendance of all members and groups.