Featured Member: Iterum Software

At Iterum, we specialize in B2B Web solutions. We are experts in building websites that can be integrated with internal systems (ERP, HR, WMS, etc.) and in building specialized cloud applications for any industry, regardless of the level of complexity. We’re not like all digital marketing agencies – we’re true software developers, database gurus, and application architects. We can create any kind of software solution you need.

As SimboliQ, we have been a member of Let’s Get Going for more than 15 years and have benefited greatly from our participation. We have received many clients as referrals from other members, use members as suppliers, and have established business partnerships and relationships with other members which have been mutually beneficial and have lasted for many years. Let’s Get Going gives us the opportunity to interact with local business leaders that we would never have the opportunity to meet otherwise.

Ken Elman
Iterum Software
(514) 255-2533