Automation for the new building in 2021.

We are planning to move into the new facility in January 2021.
We are very excited about it!

We are upgrading our manufacturing plant with automation to a 4.0 facility; we have chosen a Modula storage system to reorganize and improve workflow, save floor space, reduce picking time, cut costs, and provide real-time inventory info.

The goal is to improve warehouse workers safety, increase product quality, and work faster at the same time.

We are also connecting a loading robot to our CNC machine; this is going to benefit our shop workers and avoid back injuries in the future by diminishing part of the heavy manual labor.

In the automation process, we are also adding to the list of our machines a new automated glass washing machine

From The President of Lets Get Going,

I wanted to speak from the heart about AMAZING PEOPLE in an AMAZING COMPANY MURAFLEX.

When I first met Fernando Petreccia, president and founder of Muraflex, I was so impressed with his genuine passion for his company, for his clients and those that work alongside him. I introduced him to a few of my members, and they quote “ asked several times when they could meet Fernando one on one”. That is how much everyone admired and felt comfortable with him.

Soon after, I met Giulia Ippolito who works as a very important “right hand” for Fernando, and the chemistry once again was incredible! I felt like I have known her for a long time. So, all in all, anyone that connects with them is in ‘GREAT HANDS” to say the least!!

Thank you Fernando and Giulia for being the amazing people that you both are, representing a most prestigious and beautiful company like Muraflex!

Marcie Balaban,
President of Lets Get Going!



Muraflex was founded in Montreal in 2004, and I joined it in 2009 and rebuilt it from the ashes of the 2008 global economic crash. It was a tough challenge!

Today, I am proud to say, Muraflex is a leader in the industry of office partitions walls for creating products that combine distinguished beauty, sophistication, and functionality in ways that transform the workplace.



It was my passion and my drive for achieving something more that brought me to the first encounter with Muraflex, and when I had the opportunity, I recognized it, and I took it!

I wanted to work in my own company, pursuing my own vision. It was not easy, but with the right people in the team, working more hours than the clock, and offering high quality products, we rapidly turned around the business in something beautiful and meaningful.



How can I explain this? Muraflex is not a job for me, it is my passion, my dedication, and my life’s commitment.

I may say that there is a certain pride and satisfaction in knowing that so many people love, enjoy, and trust the products we create at Muraflex.

Every project is different, clients have different needs, and as architecture and design both evolve and continuously change, Muraflex adapts its offer to be always up to date with the most trending design to satisfy the most demanding clientele.

I love Muraflex, my employees, and what we do!



Our clients are architects and designers’ firms, lawyers, banks, hospitals, and corporate offices in general. We deal with major companies but also medium/small ones.

We offer our services with the main purpose of satisfying the client’s requests, no matter the complexity or simplicity of the project, with Muraflex, you get the best materials, fueled by the best research and development, shaped into the most beautiful designs, provided by people who treat you like family.


How DO YOU qualify employees, what do YOU look for? How many employee’s in total?

When we hire someone, we give importance to the hard skills and the particular abilities requested for each position, but the core values we look for while choosing an employee are surely integrity and positive attitude, without these, we can’t have you on our team. We believe that support, communication, and collaboration are keys to succeed in anything you do.

We are today 170 at Muraflex.


How Covid 19 has either affected or not affected Muraflex.

Covid19 has hit very hard a lot of companies. We didn’t see this coming back in March, we could have not imagined what this virus would have caused so many changes into our lives, but as soon as we realized that things were quickly changing, we had to come up with a plan, to rapidly turn around our production plant and create something to help the community.

So, we created MuraCare, a division of Muraflex that sells protective screens, also called “sneeze guards”, now indispensable for offices, schools, reception areas, clinics, restaurants, etc.

This fast turn around of our company helped us to keep our employees with us, and now, we are proud to say, we are still here, and we are still strong.

We also created a hashtag for these unprecedented times that is going viral in our internal and external communications:


This is how we end our emails, to remember that together we can make it!


When Giulia started and what her role is.

I started in 2016 and I was hired as Sales Assistant. I rapidly got a new position as Executive Assistant to Fernando and, it is now more than 3 years that Fernando and I are a team, and I am proud to say he is my mentor.

I provide high-level administrative support and manage his time making his day to day more efficient and organized by priorities, handling every situation with confidentiality and professionalism.


Why Giulia loves working for Muraflex?

Muraflex is my second family, Fernando has been a guide since I started working here and taught me a lot about business strategy and the difficulties you encounter running an organization. He is a leader, and I love working with him. We trust each other with everything. My days at work are a continuous learning thanks to him.


Why they believe having a “Great Team” is so important.

Work is such a large part of a person’s life that we try to make you feel at home when you are at work with us.

We welcome everyone in our Muraflex Family since day one, and we believe that creating great teams is the only way to make the business work at the best of its capabilities.

At Muraflex we bring people together because teams that bond work better!

We encourage employees to bond by organizing plenty of activities with a friendly social committee that plans potlucks, dinners, sport activities, parties and much more throughout the year.

We are who we are thanks to our Team of great professionals.


How the company has grown.

After establishing a significant footprint in New York, Muraflex expanded its operations across all North America. Muraflex’s success is due to a team of passionate, determined, and unstoppable people. Our products have now a global reach, thanks to the high-end design developed by our designers between Canada and Italy. With Italian touch and international engineering, Muraflex creates interiors that delight employees and impress clients across continents and national borders.


How the company is growing

As Muraflex continues to grow, thanks to a dedicated team and glowing recommendations from clients, showrooms have become necessary from coast to coast in the US to showcase our products. Now, our Canadian market is expanding as well, and we are increasing our sales through a growth by acquisitions.

Present size of company to where they anticipate the company is going in size.

Our company has reached 85M in revenues in 2020 and when I started, back in 2009, we were at less than 1M.

Every time I think about it, it reminds me that no matter how impossible or difficult a project might look, with perseverance, passion, and hard work, you can turn things around and after look back and say: “Yes, I made it “.


Mission statement of the company

Our culture at Muraflex has created the guiding belief of, “Yes, we can.” Whatever a client needs, wherever they need it, Muraflex can do it. Our goal is to create spaces that inspire people who spend time within them. We spend so much time in our lives in between “walls”. We need to make those walls not only complete the design of the office space but set it apart. This is our goal, creating office partitions that will make your office’s productivity spike, your employees happy, and impress your clients. We listen to our customers needs and we create for them the space they dreamed of.


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