Mike Cohen

This tribute is to express much gratitude to someone who has written so many amazing articles for Lets Get Going as well as his most recent podcast.

Mike spends so much of his time seeking out; individuals, companies and institutions that he believes in and then “puts hand to paper” or does a podcast on them. He knows exactly what to ask and how to really bring out the best in someone through his work.

I have known Mike for over 10 years. He is a person you can count on to bring you important news, community issues, and events focused on the Greater Montreal area, and beyond. He is skilled at seeking out people with leadership and authenticity. 

He is also currently serving his 4th term as city councellor for Cote St Luc. 

His achievements go way beyond my words, you must visit his website at www.mikecohen.ca.

Thank you, Mike, for doing such an awesome job over the years and for being such an important community leader!!!

 Marcie Balaban

President of Lets Get Going