Whitrod Leduc CPA

Sep 28, 2021

Let’s Get Going is far from the typical networking organizations out there.  It is a network of truly dedicated business owners and salespeople who are like-minded, wisely selected and committed to exchange qualified leads and share their network for the benefit of the other members.  It shows that the screening process before onboarding new members is rigorous, as I meet with quality people meeting after meeting.  Talking about meetings, they are efficient, productive, and to the point – the facilitator is seasoned and there is no time for anyone to drag on an out-of-topic monolog.  I like that, as everyone’s time is precious.  After only a few months of participation, I have had productive one-on-one meetings with several members and I generated sales from the leads received from my peers.  Marcie Balaban, thank you to have reached out to me with your services offering, and wishing you a continued success with Let’s Get Going!