HITEK Logistic

May 11, 2021

Brian has 20 years of International Freight business experience. As a specialist in logistics he has assisted clients in improving supply chain visibility, reducing cycle times, duty savings, improving release times, and reducing costs in their logistics & freight departments. Hitek offers a full synergistic logistics product including: Worldwide warehousing and distribution, International freight forwarding, truck freight, worldwide courier services and cargo insurance. 24 hour operations, with offices strategically located in Canada and the USA, with representation at all North American customs entry points. Let’s Get Going proves to consistently provide an environment for building strong business relationships. Over the nine years I have met C-Suite Executives in various industries who are decision makers. These relationships have resulted in seven figure sales results and some excellent friendships along the way. The platform you have created allows people to share ideas, achieve sales objections, and increase business. Let’s Get Going is an excellent resource for people who would like to expand their business network.