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As a “Motivational Sales Analyst and Founder of Let’s Get Going,” Marcie Balaban has acquired significant knowledge and skills on building successful business relationships.  Marcie began Let’s Get Going! through achieving over 400 sales seminars to entrepreneurs and corporations.

Let’s Get Going! has now moved into the area of business matchmaking.

Business Matchmaking is the co-ordinated pairing of entrepreneurs and corporations by arranging small boardroom meetings with various owners or upper management of companies that Marcie believes are good matches. Instead of blindly talking to unkown attendees at a cocktail party, our approach is to create a directed meeting between business owners and executives with a common purpose of finding trading partners and referral sources.

Meetings are considered to be marketing meetings. The main objective is to explain your client base needs to the other attendees and communicate your new business objectives to them. Every attendee will leave with at least one new confirmed appointment. These appointments are either for a potential new client or trading partner.

Our primary interest is to create a “need” between every member and a “desire” to work with these different companies. Meetings are planned in advance, on site in different companies conference or boardrooms, and are by invitation only.

Marcie meets 10-15 new and different business each week and determines how those business executives fit with the over 150 existing companies in Let’s Get Going!.

We are certain that you would do well with us in building long term business relationships.


So… why wait?