We welcome all of you,

This is a special invitation as I was quite surprised to see just how busy I became when covid19 began until today. As a Corporate Matchmaker my business has always been an "in your face meeting", keeping my business very local and or Quebec based. Now, I am 90% online and booked with meetings for the next twelve months. My members/clients have requested to connect with Toronto with so MUCH ENTHUSIASM, I bring you LETS GET GOING/ONTARIO.

There will be an abundance of introductions and meetings online through zoom that will allow you to meet and pick up new clients.

Also, with my expertise as a Sales Coach, I will be hosting and assisting most meetings.

I am thrilled to be meeting you , to have a chance to bring Lets Get Going into your offices in Montreal Quebec, Toronto and GTA!!

Stay safe, Stay positive and...

Marcie Balaban