A Dream that became A Success: A Purpose in the Making By Marcie Balaban The Orator, Toastmasters International

news-4At 14 years old, I came runner up in a beauty contest. At 15 I watched my father perform on stage at Place des Arts. I think that was when I knew being on stage in some form was going to be my life. My name is Marcie Balaban and I am a motivational sales expert and founder of a company called LET’S GET GOING!. I have always felt connected to people but when I turned 30 I knew I was ready for the “big leagues” on a career.

Working for the garment industry for over 10 years I had obtained certain skills, ambitions and wisdoms. Without realizing my dream had already began I attempted reading Success Magazines, met Anthony Robbins and studied the topic known as Co-dependency. The research I did on success lead me to become a real professional at motivational speaking and Toastmasters “put me on the map”. The skills and positive reinforcement I received at Toastmasters gave me the courage and passion to speak publicly and communicate effectively. Appearances on television, radio and newspapers now had given me audience exposure in the Montreal area. I knew at 35 years old, after being with Toastmasters for over 5 years that I was living my dream. Toastmasters became an anchor for me to pursue my dream and win respect, gain attention of the media, meet presidents of small and large companies and most of all prove to myself that Yeas! I can do it. Anything is possible if you have the belief, the perseverance, mentors to help you along, and the skills.

My first seminar had an attendance of 120 people and a standing ovation proved that knowledge, skill and a strong belief can make dreams possible. Authors like John Bradshaw, Melodie Beathie and Steven Covey showed me that once you get through the issues anything is possible.

And so, I stand here today at 40 years old. With 5 active divisions in my company, after having achieved over 500 sales seminars and having doubled my sales in only one year to tell you my dream is becoming a reality. I had to increase the size of my office from 130 square feet to 320 square feet. I am meeting John Bradshaw in October and will make sure that I have the opportunity to take Anthony Robbins out to lunch before I turn 50. Thank you Toastmasters for truly helping me live my dreams, become a success story and teach others.

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