AJ Sécurité

I started my career as a technician in the Security industry in 1988 and held that position for 12 years. I then started selling in 2000 until 2008 for 2 other companies. I started my company AJ Securite Inc in 2008 and have been in this position ever since. We never really did any marketing campaigns and it’s always been word of mouth referrals. I would like to take my company to the next level and I believe that ”LET’S GET GOING ” will be the platform my company needs to get to the next level.
AJ Sécurité has a mission to ensure the protection of all its clients using a very methodical approach. This consists of establishing the protection parameters required based on clear objectives, developing an integrated solution with the appropriate system components, follow through the setup and implantation of the plan so as to obtain quality results, and finally, maintaining the system at an optimal performance level .
Joe Di Carlo