Marcie BalabanMarcie Balaban, a highly qualified motivational speaker and founder of Let’s Get Going!

Marcie Balaban became a Motivational Speaker in 1990 when she discovered that something was pulling her in a certain direction. After spending over 15 years in the apparel industry, she had already developed the skill of motivation and matchmaking as her clients needs were for Marcie to understand how to match and group merchandise with customers and convince them that a specific group would sell.

At 30 years old, Marcie met up with all the well-known North American motivational speakers and began her new career (orPURPOSE, as Marcie calls it) as a motivational sales coach and business matchmaker.

As an avid follower and student of Toastmaster’s Int’l, Marcie has achieved two levels of recognition; CTM and ATM Bronze. Today, Marcie has also become an author of 2 books and still attends Toasmaster’s Int’l where she intends on going right to the top and achieving her gold status as an Int’l speaker.

Today, Marcie is a published author and has built Lets Get Going! into the first business matchmaking organization that motivates its clients, does extensive follow-up after each match, and keeps a log of exactly what has or has not worked for them.


Marcie’s focus is always to help businesses and their executives to reach higher and higher levels of sales within their companies.

Areas of expertise

  • Motivation (personal growth / business growth)
  • Goal setting
  • Business relationship building
  • Staff effectiveness assessment
  • Sales staff relationship building
  • Sales tracking
  • Sales consulting (management level)
  • Sales consulting (customer service department)
  • Sales consulting (individual entrepreneurs)
  • Sales consulting (salesreps)
  • Telephone cold-call consulting