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Plomberie Levine Bros.

May 6, 2020 Hi Marcie, Great meeting today. I wanted to thank you for inviting me into your world and having me at every group. I have met some great quality, reliable and professional people that I couldn’t without you. And I believe it could lead to some good business and that I could help others get business too. Just …

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Special Testimonial 2019: Personnel Chez-Vous

Dear Marcie, I have now been with LGG only since November… it is now the month of June. In the last 6 months not only have I met so many incredibly talented, smart, driven, KIND and true professionals but I have also closed SO MUCH BUSINESS.  Omgosh.   As a HUGE BONUS, I have made many – many new friends. In …

Let’s Get Going: VIP lunch attracts corporate executives and entrepreneurs

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Special Testimonial 2019: FCM

Dear Marcie, Although we do not know each other that long, FCM Recycling has joined Lets Get Going because of your record of accomplishment with referrals and Quality Business Relationships with Upper Management of all industries. At FCM Recycling, we pride ourselves on the relationships we have built and continue to build with our clients and potential new clients. The …

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Special Testimonial 2019: Datanetics

February 5, 2019 Dear Marcie, We have been a part of Let’s Get Going for close to 10 years. In these 10 years, we have received a significant amount of business through other members. We have also given out many referrals to members during this time. We have built important business relationships as well as friendships that will certainly last …